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 LED Track Lighting – Benefits of Switching To LED Track Lights

 LED Track Lighting - Benefits of Switching To LED Track Lights


Here are the benefits of using commercial grade products such as an AVR LED track light system:

• Low energy high cri led track lighting

  usage - Upto 80% energy saving compared to traditional track lights. This can be as little as 4.8W for a 50W halogen replacement to just 28.8W for a CDM70 replacement.

• Intensely Powerful - Using Cree MCE LED's has enabled us to deliver outstanding intensity whilst being ultra efficient.

• Defining - Proven LEDs like Cree MCE's offer beautiful defining effect that brings objects to life. There is also a variety of source colour temperatures available. These include warm (3K), soft (3.5K), neutral (4k) & cool (5K). These temperatures can also be split further offering warmer/cooler temperatures if needed.

• Thermal - LED's are much cooler than traditional lighting products therefore offering less heat. It is common myth that LED's offer no heat. This is not the case as LED's can get very hot and are very delicate. Therefore there is a need for thermal management systems that take away the heat from the LED's and direct it to the heat sync (body of the fitting) which is often made from aluminium.

• Life Expectancy - Proven LED track lighting systems that use quality LED

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