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Gun Fight at the Cotton Bowl Corral

Gun Fight at the Cotton Bowl Corral

Today 10 - 11 - 2008 was something beyond one more day at the Texas State Fair facilitated by the city of Dallas. It likewise denoted the 103rd gathering between the incredible Oklahoma Sooners and the celebrated Texas Longhorns.

Charged as the Red River Rivalry, preceding 2005 it was known as the Red River Shoot Out, and today it was only that, The Red River Shoot Out giving football fans the firearm battle at Dallas' Cotton Bowl.

The #1 positioned undefeated Oklahoma  .243 ammo were driven by desperado sophomore and Heisman Trophy up-and-comer Sam Bradford.

Bradford details:

He has finished 106 passes of 146 endeavors for 1,665 yards and consummation level of 72.6 with a ypa of 11.4, 18 TDs versus 3 interferences and 3 sacks and a rodent of 204.97

The # 5 undefeated Texas Longhorns were driven by gunman Colt McCoy a lesser and Heisman Trophy competitor.

McCoy details:

He has finished 103 passes of 130 endeavors for 1,280 yards and consummation percent of 79.2 with a ypa of 9.85, 16 TDs versus 3 interferences 5 sacks and a rodent of 197.94

Despite the fact that Oklahoma entered the game leaned toward, this was one game that ought to have been called even, that surpassed the pregame publicity. Besides the fact that they set a contention scoring record of 80 places, a consolidated flying assault adding up to 664 yards and 6 scores. They had a dangerous 96 yard start off return, two point change, bazaar gets, one for a score, a phony dropkick and normally their reasonable portion of disputable calls. A game that had something for everyone.

Feelings run high in curve contention games and this weapon battle was the same, the two groups consolidated for 16 punishments and 128 yards.

Despite the fact that much this game was gotten comfortable the channels, the running match-up offered 61 hurrying endeavors for a consolidated 209 yards and 3 scores. While the desperados swirled around with balls, tossing 86 passes 56 fruitions and 2 captures.

Oklahoma drew first blood on a 5 yard pass from Bradford to Manuel Johnson, Jimmy Stevens kick. Texas addressed very nearly 6 minutes after the fact with a Hunter Lawrence 26 yard field objective, finishing the principal quarter scoring.

Oklahoma opened the second quarter with a raid strike that just required 1 moment and 46 seconds, scoring on a 8 yard pass from Sam Bradford to Ryan Broyles, Jimmy Stevens kick.

First Quarter Score:

Oklahoma Sooners: 7

Texas Longhorns: 3

The Texas Longhorns replied in 12 seconds with Jordan Shipley charging swarm, scoring on a 96 yard start off return. Tracker Lawrence kick.

Two minutes and after 37 seconds Oklahoma's Bradford found Jermaine Gresham for a 52 yard score and Jimmy Stevens kick.

Six minutes and after 44 seconds Texas Longhorn Cody Johnson burst into the end zone on a 1 yard run, Hunter Lawrence kick.

As the quarter slows down, the Texas Longhorns end the main half with 33 yard Hunter Lawrence field objective.

Half time score:

Oklahoma Sooners: 21

Texas Longhorns: 20

The Oklahoma Sooners open the last part rapidly, utilizing a meager 3 minutes and 15 seconds, Sam Bradford connects with Manuel Johnson for Johnson's scoring gathering on a 14 yard pass, Jimmy Stevens kick.

Yearling McCoy and the Longhorns fight back 6 minutes and after 12 seconds with Jason Shipley getting his second score on a 2 yard pass from McCoy. Tracker Lawrence kick.

Tracker Lawrence and the Texas Longhorns close out second from last quarter scoring with 01:04 left in the quarter, Hunter puts one 28 yards through the up privileges,

third quarter score:

Oklahoma Sooners: 28

Texas Longhorns: 30

Eleven minutes and 42 seconds into the final quarter found the Oklahoma Sooners continuing the lead on a 14 yard Sam Bradford to Manuel Johnson pass, Jimmy Stevens kick.

Indeed, even with a 30 - 35 lead the Sooners position appeared to be questionable. Prior in the second from last quarter Oklahoma ball third and around 9, driving 28 - 20 Stoops attempted the phony dropkick, missing the mark on the main down. The force changed towards Texas.

Texas gathered a field objective hole shutting field objective off that new development. The force appeared to remain with Texas.

Halfway through the fourth quarter The Texas Longhorns addressed the Sooners score with one of their own. Set up from a long pass Longhorn Cody Johnson dove into the end zone from the 1 yard line, making the score 36 - 35 Texas. Yearling McCoy circled back to a 2 point change pass to Quan Cosby, making the score Longhorns 38 - Sooners 35.

Four minutes and two seconds denoted the finish of the scoring with running back Cody Johnson blasting over the objective line on a 2 yard run, Hunter Lawrence's kick being the last scored point.

fourth Quarter:

Oklahoma Sooners: 35

Texas Longhorns: 45

This portion of the Red River Rivalry satisfied its charging and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The two groups consolidated for 80 places, the most ridiculously at any point scored in the yearly Red River Shoot Out, giving football fans, The Gun Fight at The Cotton Bowl Corral

Much obliged to you Longhorns and Sooners for an incredible game.

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