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Boarder Town Melee (1927) and Two Poems


biting the dust in the bar



I would slither as well

upto the bar,

it was 45 long colt ammo   , the clamminess

the cut wood

the sleepy ness in my mind

dreaming; it was superior to death?

then I took another numerous

I never moved a lot, similar to dead fish.

my head split like an ass

it was numb and, that's it

deadness was my home

across the road, moving

on the deck

the moon was out...they saw

me, and kept


as I wished I had another drink...!

#682 5/05


Doña Leonor's Revenge

(1627 AD)

Rafael Ortiz's destiny

Was on the plate

Of Doña Leonor's

At the point when she showed up

In Lima, Peru;

To taste vengeance

For the decapitation

Of her Husband.

Thus the plot

...was currently worked out

(in a rear entryway way)

As she destroyed her trout!


Guest Town Mêlée

[Christmas Day- - 1927]

Note: the story occurred around Christmas time, in 1927, the names of individuals and area have been changed, because of reasons I'd don't really want to specify: which wait in my family's ancestry.

(The End) Seven Mexicans came to the scaffold crossing from the American side of Laredo, and what is known as the Rio Grande, over to what is known as Laredo Nuevo, or the New Laredo, and again a similar intersection a similar stream, yet known to the opposite side, the Mexican side, as the Rio Bravo de Norte.

A solid looking United States young Military Sergeant was looking at their ID's, as an American Colonel, Colonel Wright (who had incidentally turned out to be at the intersection simultaneously), seen the Sergeant in Charge, looking at them: doing a cross-checking, twofold checking of the few weather conditions beaten Mexican's. Thus, the champion Colonel waited patiently, observing cautiously (as he rested up against his vehicle tarrying over certain papers in his grasp)- - concentrating on the examination, as the Sergeant look at their dressing, alongside their underpants, faces [profiles], Id's- - (unsafe to be sure - was the great Sergeant, thought the colonel); conceivable a portion of this checking was too dazzle the Colonel: so the Colonel thought- - for the Sergeant was taking significantly longer than typical: or conceivable in light of the fact that he felt there was something off-base and couldn't be totally sure. Over a tactical profession, one secures senses and shrewdness past the ordinary, an endurance thing, some way or another, someway engraved into our tendency, our physical being, our psyche, and it goes on programmed in such matters. Regardless (with the craft of prescience and derivation), the Colonel moved toward the Sergeant and the few Mexicans, whom were remaining next to the watchman shack that lead to the extension crossing the Rio Grande; the Sergeant and his two Privates were furnished with weapons, - - the two privates protecting - sell looked at on any and all that moved inside the span of 100 yards: in this manner, standing- - practically like robots- - in the event that there was opposition, a crisis, or emergency of any sort.

"Any issues Sergeant?" asked the Colonel, whom had one Junior Officer and one Staff Sergeant on each side of him, as he moved toward inside three feet of the Sergeant in Charge of this Guard Post; knowing the Sergeant marginally, for the Colonel had crossed the extension ordinarily for true gatherings, business, with the Mexican blue-bloods, on such matters that concerned his GI's going into their town and drinking, purchasing keepsakes, and purchasing tissue and delight. The Colonel- - sufficiently prosperous to have the option to buy the admiration of the Sergeant- - postponed to his dark limousine, presently toward the rear of him, which was a sign for his driver, a Private First Class, to stop it for now.

(A respite, - - the Sergeant had seen the Colonel drawing closer: presently both inside a couple of feet of each other.)

Says he [the Sergeant currently standing three feet before the Colonel, with his waxed and loyal accessible grin):

"We had some difficulty as you probably are aware, 'Sir,' prior on toward the beginning of today and evening, as I'm twofold checking, they look a piece worn out, as though they were doing some battling somewhere, conceivable the...(a stop, the Colonel is opening his mouth to talk, and the Sergeant essentially stops...)."

(A light grin shows up on the Colonel's face, straightforwardly investigating the Sergeant's eyes, to protect he knew, the Sergeant realized that will be, that the Colonel was a Colonel, the very one that had looked the alternate way a couple of times on his crew that had drank excessively, crossing the extension back to the American side, took no notice and not drew such matters out into the open, such matters as Court Marshals, etc, etc).

"Indeed, we've had some difficulty Sergeant, and indeed, twofold checking is savvy, if it's all the same to you, let me see their papers, or anything you're holding, ID's of anything that thoughtful they have. We have simply wellspring a decent encounter as you understand, with these demons."

A little uncommon the Sergeant was, at this solicitation, that regularly would bring doubt, however the Sergeant gave over the records regardless: four-travel papers, two birth testaments, three licenses. All demonstrating they were from Mexico City, and Veracruz.

"Undoubtedly, I don't see a mounting issue with these wetbacks." (Implying these were Mexicans that swam the Rio to chip away at the American side that was not likely attempting to get back home.) I seen every one of their countenances, up close and personal nearly, I killed three of them you know, three without a doubt while possibly not more. Allow them to go on through: twofold checking these, indeed, well time is excess, more straightforward to simply allow them to return across the visitor than hustle them to death, and utilize our time for different things," said the Colonel, remarking, then, at that point, adding:

"You have a decent eye Sergeant, however I question any of these are Manual Garcia, and thusly, let them get on home to their families, I'm certain they are being missed, you realize the Latin's, their families stress to death when they are not home on time (a light laugh comes from the Colonels mouth)."

(Garcia was in with the seven, and the Colonel knew this; yet what the Sergeant didn't have the foggiest idea, and the Colonel knew, was two things: first, every one of the seven had weapons under their rain guards, had they checked substantially more another clash would have been incited - and it was Christmas Day; second, he had given his statement for a 24 ceasefire, albeit just them two knew it. And, surprisingly, however the '24-hour time frame,' was not illuminated during the exchange among Garcia and the Colonel, it was inferred, comprehended, and the two of them knew it.) Having heard that from the Colonel, the Sergeant began to remain down- - reluctantly, yet stand down he did, in this manner, isolating him from the much concerned pressure that was building. The Colonel some way or another had made quiet, save for the small haze of doubt he had left in the brain of the Sergeant.

Early Part of the Day

(Section One) In the early piece of the day, the part that the Sergeant was discussing, the Colonel, during a discharge battle, had murdered his child, Garcia's child, and spouse whom attempted to watch him (Garcia, father and husband had been clustered together) from hustling projectiles, and in the process they took the shots for him. The colonel new, then and presently, the snapshot of fight, when the slugs are flying, apparently never to stop- - men will generally trust without being aware of it, trust for a blissful consummation, life (thus this likewise would be important for his consultation, when he would move toward after the fight, the scaffold the seven would attempt to cross, which was still from now on).

Likewise, there were various American officers killed in the fire-battle. The fight had happened for north of three hours, and when it was finished - the conflict that occurred in this unassuming community, on the American side of the visitor - the Colonel took to resting- - thinking a lot of on piddling issues, permitting his creative mind to estimate of his future, whimsical considerations came and left- - . Presently - presently with a vacant gun on his lap, leaning against a block facade of a subsequent floor building he was possessing, his psyche went to the recent development: he had shot beforehand transitionally - opposite one structure to the opposite side- - that is from the highest point of the structure he was in, to the structure on the opposite side where Garcia was, for whence he had kill the foe: the spouse and child who had encircled Garcia: this was currently at the forefront of his thoughts, he didn't intend to shoot the wife and kid, however it worked out, exceptional as it was, it occurred. What were they searching for he considered on? That one would surrender their life for: conceivable he said, for, "Heaven without snakes." Yet, he had never tracked down that place himself.

From there on, thinking the fight was finished, and Garcia was dead (of which obviously he was not) he had ended up strolling down randomly down off the highest point of the structure, and leaning against a wall on the subsequent floor; - - drained, exhausted: feeling somewhat regretful, and miserable, that the encounter could never have been contained to just the men of the world; he let out an extraordinary moan of energy from his stomach and lungs as he inclined hard against the block facade - practically in a vibrant voice the remainder of the air accompanied in his body emerged from his nose; his eyes closing a little, and afterward resuming.

As the quietness of the evening grabbed hold - the sun predominantly warming up the beyond the empty structure like toast, the Colonel leaned awkwardly against the mass of the structure: cooling his internal heat level to typical, as he began to breath better, more from his stomach: while checking his unfilled pistol, presently laying on his thigh: while his different warriors stayed set up, he had one unit of: 44 men altogether; 44 men covering the entire town of which ten of them had encircled this very constructing, and the structure Garcia was in.

The Colonel had guided all excess fighters to remain set up, to remain down for the occasion, to allow the Mexicans to emerge assuming that they wished to, calmly: yet none did. Thus it was a cat-and-mouse game.

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